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Getting Set Up for Video Visits

Not sure how to get started with video visits? Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Call to Make an Appointment

Schedule an appointment with us and see if a video visit is available. Once you give your email address, we will send you a link.

Step 2: Get Access

You will receive an email to initiate video visits from Telemedicine Service. Please note that in the email:

#6 is a link to get the “Pocket Patient” app, (you can also download the app from the App Store or Google Play for use on your iPhone (iOS12 and above) or Android device (v. 7.0 and above). Once installed, log in using your patient portal login.)

#7 is a link to log into the “Patient Portal” and communicate with the office (request appointments, send copies of paperwork and to send copies of insurance cards and PhotoID)

Both the Pocket Patient App and Patient Portal use the same login (email address) and password. 

Step 3: Prepare for Your Video Visit

Contact us by phone 303-688-6355
We will collect co-pays and update your history, and confirm the app is working. 

Step 4: Join Your Video Visit

2 ways to join – when you call, we will confirm that you can join the video visit through the app.  You will also receive a text or email notification. Click on the link in the message to log in to the patient portal or PocketPatient app (logins are the same). Once you’re in, select “Appointments” > “Join Video Visit” to be connected.

Virtual Check-In

Want to connect with your dermatology practice by sending images?

You can submit a photo via Virtual Check-In in addition to the live video appointment.  Using the PocketPatient app, you can initiate a Virtual Check-In, answer pre-screening questions, review and sign a consent for treatment, and submit photos for review by Dr. Broomer.


1.    If you do not have an iPhone or Android but your computer has a webcam, you can go to and use the patient portal.  iPhone and Androids have better quality.      
2.    You should use secure WiFi access, and not data connection, for better connectivity.
3.    Sign into the app/portal, and call our office 15 minutes before your telemedicine appointment.
4.    You can update your history prior to the appointment through the portal – the patient pocket app will not let you do this.
5.    Make sure your device is charged, and you are in a quiet place with a blank wall behind you – windows tend to slow down the device.  It is easier to have a buddy to hold the camera to get good angles, and the camera on the back of the device works better than the front facing camera.  Only use a buddy if you don’t mind them hearing your conversation. 

Video Resources

Here are some helpful how to videos

Telehealth for Patient Portal

PocketPatient for iPhone

PocketPatient for Android